West Suffolk Hospital, Quince House

Located in Bury St Edmunds, West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust operate out of a new three-storey building facilitating 150 plus staff and required refurbishments including storage wall, desking, screens, seating, meeting booths, electrics and soft seating.

Upon selection of preferred supplier we worked alongside the architects to deliver the final solution on time and within budget.  Sample furniture was provided in situ to ascertain final products, designs and for staff to trial and view.

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"The West Suffolk Hospital awarded a contract to Neil Andrews for the supply of all furniture to our new Quince House building. We built a good working relationship with the supplier over the implementation, delivery and install of the equipment which was all done to a high standard. They responded to all our requests in a timely manner and at the end of the project the Trust was happy with the service they received."

Head of Purchasing - Debbie Stevenson

West Suffolk Hospital, Quince House Case Study

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