Amber River, Colchester Office

With a new location in Colchester, Amber River wanted the office spaces to complement their brand values present in existing office environments, but delivered with a fresh, modern feel that reflected the company's continued growth.

We worked alongside Service Group Interiors (who designed the partitions) to design and fit out a series of integrated spaces that are beautiful, functional and fully support Amber River's brand values.

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"Amber River is a group of like-minded, values-driven people with a passion for financial planning."

Launched in June 2019, Amber River delivers best-in-class, face-to-face independent financial planning and advice. It has grown rapidly and now consists of 13 independent advice business spread across more than 30 locations nationwide. The new Colchester office refit represented an important part of their growth story.

The Brief

The client's request was to acknowledge the history of the personal client journey experienced in the business's previous office environment, but delivered within a new, modern and unified space. This change was to signify a new direction of growth for their clients, without creating any feelings of disruption or unsettlement. The designed layout went through several iterations, with the final direction surpassing Amber River's expectations - especially given the tight timeframes the client asked both Neil Andrew Office Solutions and Service Group Interiors to work within.

It was also important to Amber River to work with and get directional support from local contractors and businesses to deliver the refit, from electrics, air conditioning, networking, walls, glass and manifestations, building close working relationships was vital.

NAOS office refit at Amber River's new Colchester location

The Result

Amber River now has an office geared for growth, that also allows the business to continue refining its visual identity as they evolve. It is also a recognised achievement for the staff given the levels of change they had to experience in a short space of time.

This was a close-knit team effort, resulting in creating a noticeable uplift in spirit and morale within the business, which Amber River believes is largely due to the newly designed environment.

Amber River, Colchester office case study